Intuitive Alignment Method™

We love helping people heal themselves so in turn, they can heal others and help heal the world.

As Master Transformational Coaches using the The Intuitive Alignment Method™, we create powerful, rich life changing experiences that combine self-discovery, pragmatic skills , and energy healing.

Kristyne Berg was a dedicated Trauma Nurse helping patients and their families beat back death and recover from their complex injuries. Affectionately nicknamed “Hippie Nurse" by her colleagues and "Magic Lady" by those she helped, she used both allopathic and alternative medicine to tend to those in her care.

She discovered that the most important key to true healing and thriving post-traumatic-injury was mindset.

She set out to follow this passion to help people heal by going back to school and becoming a Certified Master Transformational Coach. She built on her decade of experience in Energy Medicine by learning additional healing modalities.

All of these skills combined form the foundation of The Intuitive Alignment Method.

Alison Sherwood was a top makeup artist in the film industry working with A-list Celebrities for 27 years. Known for her soothing voice and energy, she was an artist at calming nervous actors and diffusing tensions on set. She realized how much healing and empowering people helped them perform at peak level.

Already a naturally gifted intuitive, she went back to school to become a Certified Master Transformational  & Health Coach 

She has developed her natural clairvoyance and expanded her mystical gifts by getting trained and certified in additional healing modalities. And even being given "downloads" for her own Soulful Self Activation series and has come full circle coaching and healing some of Hollywood's biggest players!

Her experience, vision and connection to source create the foundation of The Intuitive Alignment Method.

Our passion is helping entrepreneurs create the life they dream about. A life that makes them smile and lights them up.

We do this by reprograming their mindset, healing deep wounds, releasing energetic baggage that has stopped them from creating the life they desire so they can reach their success sweet spot and SHINE ! 

We’re not trying to create someone else because we believe you are already whole, there is nothing to overcome, you just have to release the limiting beliefs, stories and stale energy that no longer serves you.

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