What would it feel like to release all the layers of disempowerment, limiting beliefs, guilt, shame, judgement and un-worthiness.

I'm guessing it would feel pretty damn freeing wouldn't it ?​

Intuitive Alignment Method Optimizers™ are like having a $10k coach do a 1:1 session with you that changes your life completely and forever.

We don't believe in chasing the ever-illusive "perfection".

We DO believe in Optimizing for excellence.

Our Optimizers™ are very purposefully crafted, high-level, deep change-work that combine masterful transformational coaching techniques with Energy Healing recorded and delivered to you to listen to in the comfort of your own space  .

We've modeled our Optimizers™ after the high-level coaching we do with our private clients.
We've discovered that the deep transformational neuroscience-based mindset work combined with energy healing threaded into the session creates THE most powerful and profound shift we've seen in all of our research.

And we couldn't take our clients any further than we've been willing to go ourselves. We've done the deep transformational work ourselves.

We've been there. Now we are here. We can help you.

These Optimizers™ work on the subconscious mind in the same way that hypnosis does, and on the energetic level creating cellular level change.

This is why we are able to say "You will be different without having to remember to be different."
How do we do this?
-By reframing your old beliefs
-By deleting energetic blocks
-By guiding you through a unique transformative experience
-By helping you let go of negative patterns
-By making it all EASIER

This is a totally NEW and UNIQUE process that transforms and heals you to the deepest levels.

Let me ask you, Have you ever wanted to run away from life and just start over somewhere else, as someone else?
I have.
The I AM Optimizers™ can create that for you without you having to uproot yourself, sell all your stuff, leave loved ones behind or give up anything that you love.

What if you could radically transform your life right where you are with just what you have right now?

It's possible.

How Happy, Rich and Free will you be when you get out of your own way?
-By healing old wounds
-By letting go of family drama
-By increasing your confidence
-By repairing relationships
-By feeling "good enough"
-By loving yourself MORE

We've taken the biggest issues that were holding our clients back from their biggest dreams and created shockingly simple and profound healing sessions around them.

The easiest way to receive the Optimizers™  are to download them and listen to them as often as needed. We have found listening to them three to four times a week in the beginning allows the fastest transformation.

Transforming the Mother-Daughter Wound Optimizer ™ $47.00

This Optimizer helps heal deep rooted guilt, unconscious contracts, non verbal agreements, wounds, and imprints made between Mother & Daughter.  It creates a healthy separation between mother and child.

Emotional Eating Release Optimizer™ $47.00

Emotional Eating Release Optimizer from The Intuitive Alignment Method is a UNIQUE session that is a transformational energy experience. This recording is a guided meditative experience that is both an Energy Healing and a subconscious mindshift that will heal the old emotional wounds that are the root cause for your emotional eating. You can be FREE from this mental chatter and suffering!

Infinite Money Optimizer™ $47.00

Grab your wallet! This will change your life! This recording is an Energy Healing and a Subconscious Mindshift that will heal the old emotional wounds that are the root cause for your money blocks.

Balancing our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Optimizer™ $47.00

This Optimizer creates a divine union of these two energies. Feel FULL and WHOLE. Live your true potential.